At Ratio Cocoa Roasters we use traditional chocolate making techniques & source the World’s best single origin cacao beans to bring you individually flavoured, small batch, hand crafted chocolate products.

Our cacao beans are sorted to remove any flawed beans then roasted in an antique ball roaster before being cracked & winnowed to remove the husk or shell of the bean. The cacao bean is now in small pieces called cocoa nibs. Our dark chocolate range is a mixture of these cocoa nibs and organic Australian raw cane sugar. Whereas our milk chocolate range has 2 additional ingredients:- Australian whole milk powder and organic cocoa butter. These ingredients are placed in stone grinders for a minimum of 24hrs during which time the coarse ingredients turn into a smooth liquid. We then block and age the chocolate for a minimum of 3 weeks before it is tempered, poured into moulds then hand wrapped.

Only a small percentage of chocolate companies worldwide use these traditional methods, adding no preservatives or additives that could mask the true flavour of the beans, and we are proud to be one of these companies.

We invite you to join us, at our glass walled factory in Brunswick, for an up-close look & taste at this fascinating art of bean to bar chocolate making.