Our Chocolate Process

Making Ratio chocolate is a careful step by step process



The flavour of cocoa beans are affected by its growing region, seasonal rainfall, genetics, soil types and its processing method for harvest, fermentation & drying. By sourcing small batches from a single origin we are able to select beans featuring unique high flavour notes & quality.



We hand sort all our bags of cocoa beans to remove any flawed beans & unwanted items such as sticks & stones. Although a time consuming process it is important to us to further ensure only the best quality cocoa makes it into our chocolate bars.



The roasting profile is uniquely created for each different origin to bring out the distinguished characteristics of that particular cocoa bean. Our dedicated roasters will do multiple test roasts varying temperature, time and drum volume before deciding on a suitable profile.



Once roasted the cocoa bean is loosened from the inedible shell or husk. To separate the edible cocoa nib from the husk we crack the beans into small pieces by feeding them through metal rollers.



The cracked beans are then put through our winnower which uses airflow to separate the lighter husk from the heavier cocoa nib. The winnower is also finely tuned between each different origin to minimize waste.



Cocoa nibs are now ground down and mixed with raw organic cane sugar for dark chocolate or raw organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter & milk/coconut powder for milk chocolate. This grinding down into liquid occurs between granite wheels with the friction helping to melt the nibs and reduce volatile elements, lessening acidity. Conching, or churning, over a minimum 24hr period adds to the fine flavour development & smooth texture of our chocolate.



Once the chocolate has reached its perfect taste & smoothness we set the liquid into large blocks. These blocks are wrapped in paper & stored for at least 3 weeks until we are ready to turn them into chocolate bars. This ageing process will give the chocolate a more consistent & developed flavour.



Tempering is required to make a shelf stable chocolate bar. Tempering is a physical process that alters the crystal structure in chocolate creating its glossy appearance & snap sound when broken, improving the appearance & texture of the chocolate.



The tempered liquid chocolate is poured into moulds, set in a cooling room then demoulded. We place each bar in a heat sealed sleeve by hand then insert into our carefully folded boxes made from 100% recycled boxboard & printed with soy based inks.



Our carefully made chocolate bars are now ready for you to enjoy! Available from our factory in Brunswick with a selection of chocolate desserts, gelato and drinks or purchase online.

Our Clients Say

Ratio Cocoa Roasters
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Victor PertonVictor Perton
00:54 07 Mar 24
Interesting with good service.
Cecilia CasillasCecilia Casillas
22:03 22 Feb 24
Amazing chocolate! After you try these you won’t be able to enjoy you regular supermarket chocolate bar. Tons of vegan options too!
Mardeen MikhaelMardeen Mikhael
04:33 14 Jan 24
We tried so many things and all were so good. The waffles were so buttery and soft. The brownie tasting plate is really good to share and you can really taste the variety of all the different flavours from the different regions. I tried the cocoa nib drink and it was the right amount of bitter to counteract the sweetness of the desserts. The customer service was also so great. The gentleman taking out order was so nice and recommended good drinks and ice cream for the waffles.
Hel GeeHel Gee
04:25 14 Jan 24
Great customer service and excellent coffee and dessert 😍
Robert AzizRobert Aziz
09:30 03 Sep 23
Amazing place to visit on your own, with children or a rendezvous. I have tried many of their desserts & hot beverages. All delightful & have their own unique flavours. The guys & girls behind the bar are very friendly and easy to talk with.
Shweta LeonardShweta Leonard
11:30 20 Nov 22
We did the behind the scenes chocolate factory tour with owner Debb. She was fantastic & the tour was very informative & loved the journey of learning about the bean to bar process. You get a tasting at the end & we stayed on & enjoyed hot chocolates & also bought some chocolate goodies to take home & enjoy later. Highly recommend the tour & visiting this store & supporting an amazing local business.
Mohamed Al AbriMohamed Al Abri
02:22 14 Apr 22
Discovered this cute place walking by and decided to stop by for a hot drink and treat. Really nice open environment where you can see where they make the chocolate by hand which is impressive. The staff were friendly and service quick. I got the hot chocolate with soy milk and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the big variety of dairy free treats. They also had some gluten free
Siyi PanSiyi Pan
23:59 01 Mar 22
The shop caught my eyes as we drove by, so we took a short tour after parking. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. And the drinks we had here tasted very much like drinking a chocolate bar which was great.I also liked the cups and utensils they used for customers. I want to say that customers can feel how much effort the owner has put into a shop. I would love to buy the products here as gifts for my friends.

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