Making Drinking Chocolate is a Magnificent 7 Step Process.



We source our organic cacao from farms surrounding Reserva Zorzal, a bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic. As the country’s first private reserve, they are focused on sustainable farming practises and conservation.

By sourcing small batches from a single origin we are able to select beans featuring unique high flavour notes & quality.



It’s a long way from the Caribbean to Australia and some beans might get broken in transport. We hand sort all our bags of cacao to remove any broken or flawed beans.
This ensures only the best quality cacao makes it into our drinking chocolate.



We do whole bean roasting in our reconditioned 1960’s German ball roaster. Roasting only 9kg at a time on a low slow temperature profile enhances the fine flavour development.



Our custom made winnower then separates the cacao nibs from the inedible husk. Using metal rollers to crack the beans into smaller pieces and airflow to separate the different weighted parts. The husk is collected by a local school and community garden as it makes a great fertilizer.



Most people think it’s heat that turns liquid into chocolate but it’s actually friction. We use a conche machine with 3 granite stone’s moving in different directions over a minimum 24 hour period to grind our nibs into a smooth texture. This liquid sets into a solid brick over night.



To get the delicious chocolate shavings for our drinking chocolate we pass these solid bricks through a granulator.
The granulators fast spinning teeth chomp the solid chocolate into tiny easily dissolvable pieces.


Blend ingredients

We now blend our 100% cacao with organic panela and coconut blossom sugars. Our vegan accredited drinking chocolate is free of additives, preservatives, GMOs, soy, gluten, refined sugar, nuts and dairy. We hope you enjoy our smooth, rich and delicious hot chocolate.